Detox Program

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Toxicity is one of the major contributors to our ill-health, poor energy and mental fog, as well as chronic diseases. Our livers, kidneys, skin, and bowels as well as other organ systems work to remove contaminants. However, if we are dumping toxins in or exposing ourselves faster than we can eliminate them, then our bodies will begin to store them. This makes us extremely acidic and prone to inflammatory diseases.

These toxins get stored in various places and tissues in the body. One place that the body likes to store accumulated toxins is in fatty tissues of our body. Did you ever think that is why it may be hard for you to get rid of that extra fat? Another place we store toxins is in the joints of our bodies. Maybe that is why you are stiff and sore in your joints, especially first thing in the morning?

Our main organs of detoxification are our livers, gastrointestinal system and our skin.   What would happen if you never cleaned your house, your car or your external body (skin, hair, nails, etc.)? Think about it, we clean our houses usually weekly and our bodies daily. If we didn’t, they would begin to stink with accumulated garbage, bacteria, debris, etc… Why would you think your internal environment (your liver and digestive system) is any different? So, the important question is how and when are you going to clean these organs, this time from the inside-out, instead of from the outside-in. I encourage anyone who wants to clean house, lose a little weight and get back the energy and vibrancy that you deserve to do this detox program.

This is a 10 day program, including a program guide that explains the details and several Metagenics products that will assist the liver and gastrointestinal system in clearing stored and accumulated toxins. This is an opportunity to look better, feel better and be healthier than you have in years!!