8 Weeks Towards Wellness

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8 Weeks to Wellness® will change the face of healthcare in Austin by taking the focus off of sickness care and placing it on wellness care.  8 Weeks to Wellness® is a comprehensive wellness program that will optimize what you think about, how you eat and supplement, and how you exercise and care for your body through a specific, comprehensive 8-week program.

Learn about 8 Weeks to Wellness & how to live a happy, healthy life.

One by one, family by family, community-by-community – 8 Weeks to Wellness® will empower individuals to take responsibility for their own well-being and positively impact their God-given true health potential.

8 Weeks to Wellness incorporates the following to improve your health.

Join us for a free informational seminar.  Contact us to reserve your seat at our next session. Prefer not to wait? Our infomercial can be viewed online! The following videos can be viewed with Windows Media Player. Or to view at a later time, right click on the link and select Save As… save to your desktop, and view at your convenience.

Why you should commit to your health

How 8 Weeks to Wellness Works